When he was a young man and working in the Maasai Mara , my old man tells, their canoe capsized one time they were crossing a raging Mara River to get to camp. The mad torrent carried with it a sack of onions they had plundered from home as supplies. In the grasslands we call home, there is a giant tree from where we orient everything from: directions, morals, Sunday school too. What I am saying is, this is Flintoff’s little website of little stories.

You can eat a member of the King's court.

We should never forgive Disney for criminalising Scar, instead endorsing oligarchy, classism, systemic oppressions and convenient theocracy. Yes, Scar. You can eat a member of the King's court, if you have a large pot and a sackful of green onions.

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The anatomy of one man's thunder of laughter, and why it answers the greatest philosophy questions of all time. Including the rhetoric ones that defeated scholars of stone towns.

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